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Dr. Cymantha “CeCe” White, EdD MS

  • Fees
    Service Based - varied
  • Qualifications
    Certified Brain Health Trainer
  • Opportunities
    Interested in Employment, Contract, Partnerships, and Sponsorships
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Educational Enrichment For You is a Personal & Professional Development health services provider. Our training sessions focus on Mental Health in the areas of Socio-Emotional, Financial, Spiritual, and Physical Wellbeing.

Here at Educational Enrichment For You…

  • Discover why you struggle with addictions, OCD, eating disorder, road rage, and chronic pain; and learn how to turn things around without prescription drugs.
  • Discover why you experience overwhelming depression, nervousness, panic attacks, debilitating anxiety, chronic muscle tension, tremors, and fine motor difficulties; and learn how to improve these symptoms using easy to follow strategies you can do on your own.
  • Discover why you have difficulties with memory, focus, problem solving, critical thinking, moodiness and irritability, social skills, language processing, and sleep; and learn how you can naturally improve the quality of your life in as little as 30 days.

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