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Your Wellness is our Business

FOUNDER: Valarie Cunningham, MSW, LMSW

Bridging the Gap:

A Journey Towards Inclusive Healthcare

The BlackWellness Network is more than just a directory, it’s a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. Membership in our network offers a suite of benefits that extend beyond individual gain.

What is the BlackWellnes Network?
BlackWellness Network is a virtual community resource directory helping people find Black and Brown wellness professionals to meet their mental and health care needs.

What do we do?
We will give you the resources needed to find culturally competent care, to reduce barriers to achieving optimal health. We will help you connect with a community of qualified BlackWellness professionals increasing your comfort in being cared for. The BlackWellness Network is here to change your perspective and narrative.

Who are we?
A collective of Black and Brown wellness providers meeting the mental and health care needs of communities of color.
BlackWellness is about bridging the gap in services, breaking the stigma about mental health, and building stronger black and brown communities through healthcare access and education.

Why were we started?
As a result of startling statistics in Kalamazoo County, revealing that only 17% of healthcare providers are people of color, BlackWellness Network was born to address the disparity. This significant underrepresentation has profound implications for Black and Brown communities and the need to foster an inclusive healthcare environment where cultural needs and experiences are not just understood but are a priority.