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Bridging Gaps, Building Healthier Communities

At, we are committed to fostering inclusive wellness by connecting black and brown wellness providers with healthcare agencies and organizations. Our comprehensive directory is more than just a listing; it’s a gateway to meaningful collaborations that aim to reduce and eliminate racial disparities in healthcare.

Why Partner with Our Providers?

  • Diverse Expertise: Our network boasts a wide range of skilled professionals, from mental health specialists to physical wellness experts, all sharing a common goal – to enhance community health.
  • Cultural Competence: Understanding cultural nuances is key in healthcare. Our providers bring valuable insights and experiences, ensuring culturally sensitive and effective wellness initiatives.
  • Community-Centric Approach: Working with providers who are part of the community enhances trust and effectiveness. They are not just providers; they are integral members of the communities they serve.

Work With One of Our Service Providers on Your Next Project

Search our directory for the perfect service provider to bring on for your next project to fill a gap, expand your services or add value to your clients.

Your Role in Making a Difference

  • Collaborate on Initiatives: Whether it’s a local health fair, a wellness workshop, or a long-term health program, our providers are ready to collaborate with agencies and organizations dedicated to making a difference.
  • Expand Your Impact: By partnering with our network, you extend your reach into communities, amplifying your impact and helping to bridge health disparities.
  • Enhance Your Services: Diversify your offerings with the expertise of our providers, bringing new perspectives and solutions to your programs.

How to Get Started

  1. Explore Our Directory: Search our extensive directory to find the right providers for your initiatives.
  2. Connect with Providers: Search our directory for providers who have indicated that they are interested in collaborations, assignments or partnerships. Start a conversation through our platform about potential opportunities to work together.
  3. Build Meaningful Partnerships: Work together to develop programs and services that resonate with and effectively serve black and brown communities.

Join Us in This Vital Mission

Your involvement can be a powerful catalyst for change. By partnering with providers from the BlackWellness Network, you are not just contributing to individual wellness initiatives; you are part of a larger movement towards health equity and community empowerment.

Let’s collaborate to create healthier, more resilient communities. Contact Us to discover how we can make a meaningful impact together.