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Nyrie Cornelius, LMT – S.REN.EDI

Mobile Massage
  • Fees
    60 minutes, $90; 90 minutes, $120; Business, $125 per hour
  • Qualifications
    BA in Psychology, LMT
  • Opportunities
    Interested in Employment, Contract, Partnerships, and Sponsorships
  • Affiliation

I created S.REN.EDI to promote self-love, self care, and natural healing for the body’s greatest well-being.

I use massage therapy, and other natural modalities to manipulate muscle tissue in the way most beneficial to the client’s body, both physically and mentally.

Massage therapy has several benefits to the body that go beyond the physical, such as:

  • decreased anxiety/depression symptoms
  • enhanced sleep quality and mood improvement
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces stress and soothes nerves

And many, many more!


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