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Ashley Claiborne, PsyD

Hey there, are you the go-to person that everyone turns to with their problems? It’s great to be relied on, but sometimes it can feel like a lot, right? If you’re an overachiever juggling a lot on your plate and feeling the weight of anxiety, depression, or work stress, you’re not alone. Imagine having strategies to create healthy boundaries, a sustainable work-life balance and having control over your life. You show up in the world with authentic confidence in your ability to make decisions. You release all the unnecessary stressful things to allow space for you to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships with deeper connection.

Here, you’ll find a safe and confidential space to unpack those heavy feelings with someone who gets it. With over a decade of experience, I provide virtual sessions to clients in 40+ states. Let’s work together to ease that burden and find some balance in your life. Ready to take that first step towards feeling better? I welcome you to head to my website to schedule your free 15 min consult:



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